Discovering Agriline

Agriline distributes professional quality products for more than 20 years. The company is permanently listening to the market. Therefore the offer fits to the consumer expectations. Presently, Agriline operates in 3 business areas that have in common water and respect of this resource : garden ponds, swimming ponds and rainwater harvesting systems. 


Thanks to its experience and partnerships, the company is able to offer the best equipment and the best service in each area. The company stands out with the care taken in the creation of its offer:

On the one hand, Agriline has been working for years with world-renowned partners, carefully selected for the quality of their products. The mutual trust between Agriline and its partners is a sign of quality as well as the constancy of the relationship between the companies.

On the other hand, since almost a decade, the society has become designer of its own ranges. They are distinguished by their performance, innovation, easy use or eco-design.


Thanks to a wide network, adapted to each field of activity, Agriline is present in the whole France. This enables the firm to fit local specificities. One of our strength is this adaptability.


Above all, Agriline is a team of 16 people at the service of the professionals. Our values enable us to offer to our customers a courteous and personalized welcome, a good reactivity to meet the demands and a constant presence on the French market.





Agriline’s project for the coming years is to develop and commercialize environmentally friendly products, compatible with the values of the society ​​and contributing to the preservation of the human resources. You are invited to discover the commitment of the company for the preservation of the environment and the well being of the people (in French).